Custom Dog Clothes-let Your Dog Create A Fashion Statement

Today dogs are becoming just as fashionable as their owners! Customized dog clothes are a hot new trend, allowing dog owners and their savvy pups to dress up in the latest fashions and live a glamorous pet life. Now with sports apparel for dogs, you can dress up men’s best friend in officially licensed sporting gear to reflect your loyalty to your favorite sport or team.
Custom dog clothes are not just fashionable, they offer an extra layer of warmth to keep dogs toasty warm in even the coldest of climates. Since the sporty clothing covers the skin and fur it can also keep pets with skin allergies from scratching and irritating their skin, giving sore sports and blisters a chance to heal. Customized sporting gear is also functional, designed to be well fitted and cut to size different breeds and shapes of dogs, so pets are able to run around and play without their clothing making it difficult to move.
Jerseys are probably the most popular sports apparel for humans and their four legged pets, looking to make an adorable fashion statement. Jerseys are available featuring college sporting teams and for major sporting leagues including NASCAR, NFL, MLB, NBA, Soccer and the NHL. Jerseys feature official team colors and logos. Some jerseys are simply pulled on but for ease of putting on there are some team jerseys that feature Velcro closures. When taking your dog on a walk, going out to the park or when taking pictures, pet owners can dress up in their favorite team jersey and then dress up their puppy in a matching ensemble to showcase their support for their favorite team.
Dog jerseys are also ideal for customization since many can be personalized with the dog’s name Some jerseys are offered in a vast range of sizes from XS to 5X and may be able to accommodate all sizes of dogs from toy breeds to giant breeds. Since dog jerseys represent so many leagues, there is a jersey suitable for every season. NBA jerseys, for instance, are sleeveless and the cotton and mesh fabric will keep dogs comfortable even in warm weather.
For everyday lounging around and playing, look for doggie tee shirts. Made with soft fabrics and designed with multiple colors and style choices there are plenty of looks that will work with your pet’s unique coloring. Sporty tees can feature team logos or fun slogans; some even proclaim your pet as a team’s number one fan!
When it gets cold outside, your dog can make a hot fashion statement with sporty outerwear items. Stylishly designed sports jackets highlight a pet owner’s favorite team while keeping pets toasty warm in satin or fleece jackets that include simple Velcro closures for quick removing. To offer your pet the ultimate protection from the cold, consider a dog sweater. Warm, cozy doggy sweaters are chic and a fun way of showing support for a home team.
When it comes to keeping dogs well dressed, sporting apparel provides the perfect blend of designer, practical and fashion forward looks. Sporting apparel is also economically priced, making it easy to find the perfect getup for pampering your pup while letting the world know just what your favorite sporting team is.

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